Dashwuud – Excalibur[Single Release]

Vibrant yet muted. Uplifting yet blunted. Hip hop yet buttoned up shirts. Wonderfully juxtapositional duo Dashwuud, composed of the softly-spoken producer Jonnie and vocals from the ADHG himself Dashwuud (shameless plug to their recent IORI LOCALS interview) , take us up to the downs on latest single ‘Excalibur’. Not unlike his perspective-driven lyrics themselves, still shots cast Dashwuud getting up to innocent shenanigans in the Sussex fields and surrounding towns with a signature twist- their music is less of a window into their lives and more of a sepia-tinted jagged lens. In a soundscape that evolves from buried bass riffs and the equally submerged opening chorus “the joint Excalibur, piffing spectacular” to full-bodied instrumentation made up of eclectic drum patterns and layered guitars, Dashwuud’s voice grows increasingly discordant and torn until he collapses into the horizon muttering the words “ten out of ten“. Dashwuud stay juxtapositional to the last.

Get down to the downs with Dashwuud’s latest music video HERE

A window sepia-tinted jagged lens into Dashwuud’s perspective

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