AntiJambo – ‘Overhaul’ [SINGLE RELEASE]

Jambo wears his punk roots in more ways than one.

With beautifully distorted guitars, glitched-out bass throbs and an overall format that’s constantly in motion, ‘Overhaul’ feels like tumbling through the insides of Jambo’s hard drive itself. Roaring calls for revolution through megaphone-esque tube filters, Jambo has dived deeper into punk aesthetics than ever before whilst also blending elements of dnb/breakbeat on the instrumentation in a move that very aptly plays out the title of new platform ‘’ (@fused.exe). Formerly half of Para Fiction and now reborn as AntiJambo, these off-the-wall, digitalised soundscapes and aesthetics are an evident display of raw, undiluted creativity. Perhaps the name ‘Overhaul’ is even more fitting than first appears.

Enter the digital realm in style below.

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