Odeal – More Life (Single Release)

Truly living up to his Spotify bio “No boundaries with me, let me show you,” South-London raised artist Odeal, released a new single which seamlessly blends the uplifting, get-up-and-move-your-feet nature of Afrobeats, with the alluring smoothness of R&B. Listening to “More Life”, it’s easy to get lost into the infectious rhythm and vocalisations of the track; so easy that at first you may not realise the importance of the message behind it. But pay attention to the lyrics and striking visuals and it will be hard to miss. 

Living during such a crucial time of the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s clear to see where Odeal, who is of Nigerian heritage, drew his inspiration from. His stark lyrics “Take a good look at the USA, another yute is getting shot again,” brings to attention some of the dark realities of the world we live in. 

Though the meaning behind the lyrics is one that isn’t taken lightly, Odeal, who produced the visuals alongside Nata and 33BOUND, have put together an uplifting and powerful video commemorating the protests. From striking portraits to flashes for protesters, contrasted with vibrant carnival shots, the video truly brings an undeniable sense of unity to the forefront.

Check the video out here:

Write up by Cristina Marinache

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