Normanton Street – All That I Have (single release)

I was pregnant, and aware that this was such a precious time when it was just me and her. When she was born she was in the world she wasn’t just mine anymore, she would become her own person. I wanted to write a song for her”. -Phoebe Freya

From soulful guitar chords to ethereal vocals, meshed together with intricate orchestral sounds, Normanton Street’s newest single, All That I Have, pays homage to the powerful bond between a mother and her unborn child. Written by front woman Phoebe Freya when she was pregnant with her daughter, the track is an intimate recollection of the thoughts and emotions she felt.

Singing the lyrics “I’ll keep you safe, I’ll keep you warm. I’ll do all that I can to keep you from harm,” her voice is soft yet unwavering as she makes her vow. Sweet and calming, her vocals continue to build up into a harmonious lullaby, brimming with raw emotion and the pure innocence this song embodies.

Collaborating with the Bradford Youth Orchestra not only sees the band going back to their hometown but has provided the song with what can only be described as a beautiful narration, which keeps you hooked as if it were a fairy-tale. The celestial melodies of the orchestra are not to be overlooked, and beautifully combine with the heart-warming nature of the song.

The Brighton based band are known to experiment with various sounds and genres, and All That I Have is no different, creating a fresh blend it’s hard to get tired of.

Listen below.

Write up by Cristina Marinache

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