lojii – ‘push fwd’ (Prod. Morriachi) [SINGLE RELEASE]

Finally, someone who can understand our struggle of confusing i’s and l’s*. An outright shamanic herbalist of picking flavourful beats, lojii (yes, that’s Lojii) has worked with the jazz & soul inflections of fellow Philly native Swarvy as well as the late ‘Sun Ra‘ of the LA Beat Scene Ras G, and even having a few credits himself under the alias ‘absent avery’. With such a cohort of eclectic sound makers pushing the genre forward by looking backwards for inspiration, it should almost be a source of national pride that resident Blah producer Morriachi marks the next step in lojii’s journey. Almost. Until lojii’s reverie-filled meanderings take centre-stage.

With lyrics that unfold with the seamlessness of an innate logic, lojii’s words bear the weight of wisdom as he grapples with the pull of past experiences and reminds himself to ‘push fwd’. The vocal sample “memories” calls from the depths of an instrumental packed with all the allure of a trip down memory lane and, despite lojii’s struggle to keep moving, it is this siren’s call to reminiscence that makes ‘push fwd’ so captivating. `I, for one, could do anything but ‘push fwd’ while listening to this track.

Catch lojii’s latest single ‘push fwd’, broadcasting worldwide from Group Bracil NOW!

(*Iori has been mistaken for Lori since it’s inception)

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