With roots in techno, electro and (more distantly) trap, Cyphon (@cyphon14) & Obzerv (@obzerv_) create dense atmospheric soundscapes that practically sound like the apocalypse. Or a climactic video game boss battle. Saying anything more than this detracts from the broad, multimedia vision they have for their music that gradually unfolds over this hour-long conversation, and probably could go on for hours still. Dropping knowledge on hosts @sp.mcc and @cdit who were largely in the dark about the rich conceptual and political history of techno music, Cyphon & Obzerv eloquently move from discussions regarding their own music, the benefits of a vinyl release platform to, eventually, the roles of music as a whole. Their latest release ‘Janus Gate EP’ is set to drop on independent imprint Gunfinger Food as a vinyl exclusive- if this conversation doesn’t pique your interest, we don’t know what will. Until then, catch some of their prior releases on Patchbay Records below.


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