LOCALS – EP 5 – Ashbeck & El Londo

Having gone to the same secondary school- growing up in the same area as the Notting Hill Carnival celebrations that were meant to be taking place this weekend- as well as headlining our first Brighton show and being a central focus of my ‘New Waves’ article a couple months back, this episode is special to me in more ways than one. To top it all off, this duo have managed to collaborate with pretty much every other act mentioned in that article too. Needless to say, we fuck with them heavy and, looking at their recent numbers on Spotify, this is by no means an unpopular opinion.

Catch leading lights of the new generation Ashbeck & El Londo break down the sounds of the underground, the changing face of London and being high in school (soz Mr Harbon).

The second Ashlondo tape is coming “sooner than you think”- in the meantime, support the place where it all started below.

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