LOCALS – EP 3 – Team Steam

Team Steam are a group that seem to defy the laws of physics. With a polish that far exceeds their current small following, it appeared to me as if their crisp, nourishing soundscapes and skin-tingling tones came out the moment they started making music. And, speaking to them, it turns out that this actually was the case. In a conversation that may or may not have been lost to technical difficulties (@virginmedia), we talked how the Bador family (boasting two thirds of Team Steam- Pearl and Noah- as well as one half of Brighton rap group Nokia Mansion and successful model Emily) are starting to appear like the Adenuga’s of the UK new wave. Contrary to their Spotify bio, they aren’t signed to SHED records and instead just make music in a shed and they do not, in fact, make Latin Jazz (go figure). But they do steam their oregano. Duh.

Catch the rest of our conversation above to hear us go deeper into their lyrics, navigating the pitfalls of representation in the social media age and to hear me say “interesting” a lot.

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