Kymara – Unconscious Happiness (Single Release)

Kymara is new on the Brighton scene, an artist exploring her sound in new and nuanced ways through independent label, QM records.

“Unconscious Happiness” navigates heritage in a joyful and reminiscent way. Following the passing of Kymara’s father, it feels like this track started in 2001 and organically found its way into 2020. With generous soulful backing vocals and gentle, soft, and nostalgic lyrics, Kymara sees the beauty of youth into adolescence, and all the way through to adulthood. Who knew that a visual montage could be so touching? 

Growing up with music in the Netherlands, Kymara found songwriting in her early twenties and has developed her distinctive voice ever since. Tracks like “Unconscious Happiness” are directly influenced by lived experience; what does it mean to deal with death at a young age? How do we remember our childhoods? How close to us are those we lose? The complexity of grief is addressed with a deliberate intimacy. Kymara makes us feel welcome, offering a personal insight into a conversation about race, love, and personal growth. Lyrics like “[singing] with her father whilst he makes dinner in the kitchen” bring forward something evocative, a warm invitation back to shared meals at the dinner table and familiar tunes on the radio. 

Nikki Post frames the music video through memory, with callbacks to a carefree childhood and a loving present day. Some things don’t change, and those closest to us remain siblings, parents, and friends as we grow up, develop, and move forward. The first and final shots are a tender ode to family, a reminder that those we love and lose never actually leave us.

Kymara’s tone is refreshingly mature and informed. An artist with a rounded set of influences, Kymara has direction and vision. One to watch. 

Watch the video for ‘Unconscious Happiness’ below:

Write up by METTE //

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