KianVsLife – ‘NITS'[Single Release]

Delicate yet atmospheric, KianVsLife shows the vulnerable side of heartbreak on his latest drop ‘NITS’. Over gradually unfolding instrumentation, from sombre piano keys to ambling drum patterns, Kian’s torn and yearning voice rises above the mix to give a sense of complexity within this minimalism. Singing the chorus “baby you’re in my head again” (presumably, like ‘NITS’), Kian’s vocals are gently filled-out by feminine harmonies in the background in a touching nod to the track’s lovestruck subject matter. And this delicate vulnerability extends to ‘NITS’’ innocently over-exposed visuals as well- filmed and produced during lockdown by none other than his own mother, solo shots of Kian feature him nestled amongst childhood toys and playing with his dog in scenes that almost play out like a family home video. At a time where many of us have returned to our childhood homes and all the painstaking memories that accompany them, the childlike fragility in ‘NITS’’ quarantine scenes of heartbreak powerfully tie together both of the tracks central themes.

KianVsLife has never been one let genre boundaries hold him back from conveying raw emotion and ‘NITS’ is certainly no exception, come along for the ride here and look out for the full visuals dropping soon.

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