Interview with CLBRKS

Find out what CLBRKS wore in year 9, who he rates from the Brighton scene, and what he would cook for you. Interview by Tyler L.

So we met at the off license event you performed at a few months ago in Brighton, What do you think of the city’s music scene? I know you’ve linked up with verbz before (that slow loris song is a persy)

I like Brighton, the people making music seem to have a quite tight knit bond amongst themselves and I respect that kind of mantra.

Verbz (despite being a Brighton legend) will proudly tell you he’s from Croydon. He’s a good bloke and I’d consider him a close mate of mine. He’s helped introduce me to people out there and made sure I was comfortable. Shout out to people like Bador, Harvs, the CMPND lot, they’re making good moves.

A common theme we like to explore is the role that technology plays in communication of art and ideas. Examples of this are platforms like soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp. Without them, a lot of great musicians wouldn’t get the attention they deserve. Which is your favourite out of the three? Why?

Soundcloud will always have a special place in my heart because it’s the foundation I built a lot of my music and online presence upon. However, times change and you find yourself needing to adapt.

The switch to streaming platforms like Spotify has almost demanded a higher quality of sound, which is arguably a positive. There’s certainly more of a sense of ‘formality’ on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, so to adhere your sound to that is only necessary.

Youtube is a very important platform because I find that modern rap music is almost as image based as it is music based, therefore I try to provide as many visuals as possible.

Bandcamp is quite a different scenario, it allows the artist to actually achieve more revenue, and I can’t complain about that.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown Bandcamp have waived their fees on multiple occasions. How do you think artists will cope/adapt now that shows have been postponed?

In my own circumstances, it’s really only demanded more output. If I’m unable to perform and make money that way, I need to find other streams of income that relate to my music. Merchandise is something I’ve recently spent some time developing.

It’s clear you’re a bit of a foodie. The song ‘Red Snapper’ is an obvious example (great fish) but your Instagram is filled with nice dishes. Do you cook much yourself? What’s your go to meal to impress someone?

I’m really fond of cooking but I wouldn’t say I’m whipping up constant extravagances in my kitchen everyday. Three or four days a week I like to use it as an excuse to distract myself from other hobbies and projects, be uncomfortable for once, a lot of trial and error etc.

If I were to impress somebody, perhaps in the summer time with a few bottles of Vinho Verde, top three buttons of the polo down; I’d make a naughty ceviche. 

We’re going to send you something IORI when the embroidery place opens but in the meantime your wardrobe seems pretty well stocked. What’s your favourite brand at the moment?

Im partial to anything thats built to last or is high quality. When shopping I often look for garments that have been constructed in either Great Britain, America or Japan. At the moment, I’m really interested in brands like And Wander, Kestin Hare and OAMC.

What Did CLBRKS wear in year 9?

I wore the shit out of a BAPE tee my dad bought me for my birthday.

Last question. What is the best bar you’ve heard a rapper say?

“I’m a savage but colder, now I rock karats that I’m older, see this parrot on my shoulder? He do the talking, I ain’t concerned with words. Act up, and be returned to the birds” by Cam’ron is one thats been popping up a lot in my head recently.

Check out CLBRKS and Mundy’s new tape ‘Out for Lunch’, dropping 20/05/2020

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