Global Hip Hop Documentaries: Touring the World at Sonic Speed

Coming into the fold: Bad Rap explores the unique perspective of Asian-American rappers Dumbfoundead, Awkwafina, Lyricks and Rekstizzy

Continuing our theme of exploring far-flung and diverse hotspots of music, here’s a healthy dose of viewing material to tide us over between our hours’ daily exercise and ‘necessary’ trips to the shop (separate, of course). With its close relationship to technology making it a particularly translatable medium and focus of lyrics and imagery that ‘keep it real’, rap music has been embraced as a form of expression for a spectrum of communities and identities and these documentaries shed light on the environments and stimuluses that produced them. Be it Iron Mic 2017’s dense chronology of freestyle battle rap in China or The Guy That Makes Noises’s simple ode to the breath of fresh air that MC Flirta D brings to the UK grime scene, for all of these artists music not only exists in the intangible dimension of sound but a direct window into their varied and brilliant weirdness. So kick back, un-mask and engage in a spot of cultural tourism from your lockdown location of choice.


Europe, Australia & North America: ONEFOUR: Australia’s First Drill RappersAustralia’t Call It Road Rap – A Noisey FilmUK NOISEY Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime – UK Noisey Birmingham: The Unstoppable Rise of Birmingham Rap – UK Flirta D: The Guy That Makes NoisesUK GRIME: The Documentary | History, Legacy & Culture of the UK’s Golden Underground Music SceneUK From Pirate Radio to Mainstream – Grime Story! UK Mini Documentary: Digga D’s Backstory + What Happened To Him? UK Soft Boy Forever: An Irish Hip Hop Story – Ireland Numero ZeroItaly [clip] Meet France’s Toughest RappersFrance Bad Rap (Asian-American Rappers)– US Fresh Coast: The Documentary (West Coast Battle Rap) – US

Middle East: Palestine Underground (Boiler Room)Palestine NOISEY Lebanon (Full Length): Can Hip Hop Help Combat Religious Extremism?Lebanon 961 Underground: The Rise of Lebanese Hip HopLebanon Noisey Films presents: Hip Hop in the Holy Land Israel / Palestine Channels of Rage – Israel / Palestine I Love Hip Hop in Morocco [clip]Morocco Grünt Tour #1 : Casablanca & le rap marocainMorocco

Asia: How The Next-Gen Of Asian Hip Hop is Taking Over The Music World | Asia RisingAsia [clip] Show Me the Money (Rap Series)Korea Why Are Korean Teenagers Obssessed With Hip-Hop?Korea Iron Mic 2017 | A documentary of Chinese freestyle rapChina The Rap of China (Rap Series) – China The Rise of Trap Music in China (Chengdu)China Chinese Rappers Take on the Surveillance StateChina Full Circle: Grime In Japan (Boiler Room) – Japan From the Tokyo ProjectsJapan How The Birth Of Japanese Audio Technology Changed The WorldJapan Kya Bolta Bantai? The Rise of Mumbai Rap (Trailer)India Prabh Deep, Seedhe Maut And Azadi Records Are What Indian Hip-Hop NeedsIndia Mark Grist Battles the World (Battle Rap)– Phillippines Exploring Singapore Beyond Mustafa With Rapper Yung RajaSingapore

Africa: 100% GalsenSenegal Hali HalisiTanzania Kwame Dame Hillstreet DocumentaryGhana

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