Acessible Academia

As young people who have gone through various academic institutions, we understand the importance of education but are also aware of the barriers that are often put in place with academic content. Whether it’s a JSTOR password protected journal or an essay from hundreds of years ago written in dense, wordy prose, academic ideas are often withheld from the majority of people who cannot afford university fees or who cannot relate to the language. The content often reflects the views of specific groups in society and maintains a system that ignores the voices of marginalised groups. This is not helpful for the future that we want to create.

Instagram infographics or videos on sites such as Youtube or TikTok have shown that knowledge can be accessible, engaging and, most inportantly, free. We wanted to make Academia more accessible and relevent to the lives of young people today so we have compiled a list of essays written by peers about topics that are relevent to the new generation. We do not care if the essays were written by a student in an academic institution or if the language does not fit the stereotype of academic work so we welcome any contributions from anyone who wants to get involved.

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